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Indiana Multi Gun Series Info

Indiana Multi Gun Series Match

June 27th

Indiana Multi Gun Series Match

August 29th

More info at:

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INMG Event #5 - Bass and Bucks – 5/24/20

Online pre-registration here:…/register

Note: Because this is the third weekend in a row the match staff has put on a match, we will need at least 30 shooters signed up for this match to be a go. Weather also looks suspect, but this is also Indiana, so...

This match WILL be a points match for the series. The stages will be in the same location as last week (5/10), but targets presentation and sequence will change.

Match Day Check In and Walk Up Registration: 8:30am - 9:30am EST

RO Meeting: 9:20am EST

Shooters' Meeting: 9:45am EST will take place at your starting stage by your RO

Match starts immediately following shooters' meeting

Stages: 5


Match fee:

$30 - Adult
$20 - Ladies and Juniors (17 & under, parent must be present)

Free - RO's and Setup Crew
RO's shoot free. No setup staff required this week.

Approximate Minimum Round count (recommend bringing double just in case):
Rifle – 100
Handgun - 100
Birdshot – 100
Slugs - 5

NOTE: Steel core/AP Rifle Ammo is not allowed at any Indiana Multigun Series matches Steel cased ammo IS permitted. A magnet may be used to verify your ammo at the match.

NOTE: that all matches in the Indiana Multigun Series are conducted under a COLD RANGE as per USPSA rules. All guns must be either holstered (or bagged) at all times, unloaded, hammer down, with no magazine inserted. Long guns should remain bagged, or in a rack with an open action, and/or an "empty chamber indicator" (flag) in place. It is the shooter's responsibility to ensure that the muzzle of any gun is never pointed in an unsafe direction. You may only handle your gun only at the direction of the range officer (RO), or in the designated "safe areas." You may not handle any ammunition or loaded magazines in the safe areas. Violation of these or any other safety rules shall result in a match disqualification.

Indiana Multi Gun Series
Course Map for May 24th. This is the same lay out as we used for the match on the 10th.
INMG Map 5.10.20.jpg
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