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We are pleased to announce that VPA has partnered with us to become the title sponsor of our 7th annual event!

June 22nd and 23rd 2024


Please follow the group we have on Facebook for this event to stay up to date. Link is below.

Registration is now open.

Registration closes at midnight on June 12th!

Click here to register

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2024 Information and Rules:

  • On-site registration will NOT be available; Registration and payment MUST be completed online between April 4th and June 12th.

  • Registration will open on April 4th at 9:00 a.m. and close at midnight on June 12th.

  • Tournament consists of seventy (70) targets shot over two (2) days; Each shooter must shoot forty (40) targets on Saturday and thirty (30) targets on Sunday.

  • Each day will be a “Shotgun” start:  10:00 a.m. on Saturday and 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, RAIN or SHINE.  A “Welcome” meeting will be held approximately thirty (30) minutes prior to the Saturday “shotgun” start.

  • Speed limit is 300 fps (+3% for chronograph differences).

  • Two (2) arrows will be shot per target (except PeeWee, only one (1) arrow per target).

  • Scoring will be as follows:  Eleven (11) for the Orange dot, Ten (10) for the Yellow circle and Eight (8) for any foam outside of the yellow circle.

  • Arrows must touch the next scoring ring to get the higher score value.

Range will be set up as follows:

  • Multiple targets with multiple dots per station with a 4-cm orange dot (11-ring) with a 2-cm yellow circle (10-ring) at distances between 4 and 19 yards.

  • Two (2) targets per station with a 7-cm orange dot (11-ring) with a 3.5-cm yellow circle (10-ring) at distances between 20 and 30 yards.

  • One (1) target per station with a 10-cm orange dot (11-ring) with a 5-cm yellow circle (10-ring) at distances between 31 and 60 yards.

  • One (1) target per station with a 13-cm orange dot (11-ring) with a 6.5-cm yellow circle (10-ring) at distances between 63 and 88 yards.

  • One (1) target per station with a 20-cm orange dot (11-ring) with a 10-cm yellow circle (10-ring) at 101 yards.

White stakes will be set up:

  • Ten (10) targets at 4-19 yards

  • Twenty (20) targets at 20-30 yards

  • Thirty-two (32) targets at 31-60 yards

  • Seven (7) targets at 63-88 yards

  • One (1) target at 101 yards

The average yardages for each stake will be:

  • White stake – 37 yards

  • Blue stake – 23 yards

  • Red stake – 19 yards

  • Orange stake – 10 yards

Trail Shoot Entry Fees:

  • ALL archers MUST pay the Trail Shoot fee.

  • Medals will be awarded to the winners.

    • Gold will be awarded to classes with 1-3 participants

    • Silver will be awarded to classes with 4-6 participants, as well as Gold.

    • Bronze will be awarded to classes with 7 or more participants, as well as Gold and Silver.

  • Participants are not required to be NFAA members.

Trail Shoot Fees:

  • Adult (18+ years old) = $50

  • Young Adult (15-17 years old) = $35

  • Youth (12-14 years old) = $30

  • Cub (8-11 years old) = $25

  • *PeeWee (0-7 years old) = $20

Money Shoot Entry Fees:

  • ALL Money shooters must pay the Trail Shoot fee.

  • 100% of Money shoot entry fees will be paid back to winning archers.

  • Money will be the only awards present to the winners of the Money shoot portion.

  • Participants are not required to be NFAA members.

  • Payouts will be calculated per class using the NFAA Purse Distribution.

Money Shoot Fees:

  • Amateur Men and Women Individual entry = $50

  • Pro Men Individual Entry (Non-NFAA Carrying Pros) = $150

  • Pro Women Individual Entry (Non-NFAA Carrying Pros) = $50

  • Money shoot entry fee for NFAA Pros is included in Pro Division entry fees.

  • Young Adult, Youth, Cub and PeeWee classes are NOT ELIGIBLE for Money shoot.

NFAA Tournament Fees:

  • All archers registering for the NFAA Tournament MUST pay Trail Shoot fee and MUST be a current NFAA or USA Archery member.

  • Championship rings will be awarded to the winners.

    • Gold will be awarded to all classes.

    • Silver will be awarded to classes with 4 or more, as well as Gold.

  • Individual = $20

  • Pro Division = $150 (Only open to NFAA Carrying Pros)

  • If you have shot in an archery event as a Pro in the 2022 shooting season, then you MUST shoot as a Pro in this event.

  • Shooters MUST be an NFAA Card-carrying pro to enter into the NFAA Pro division.

  • Individual ------------> $20 (No money awards)

  • Pro Division ---------> $150 (100% payback; Money will be the only awards presented to the winners; Only open to NFAA Card carrying Pros)​

  • If you have shot in an archery event as a Pro in the 2023 shooting season, then you MUST shoot as a Pro in this event.

  • You MUST be a card carrying Pro to enter into the NFAA Pro division.​

  • ALL Pro Shooters MUST shoot in the Trail Shoot and NFAA portions. 


Participants will start shooting at the signal, approximately 10:00 a.m. Saturday and 9:00 a.m. Sunday.  An air horn will sound to begin the round.

  1. All shooters will shoot forty (40) targets on Saturday and thirty (30) targets on Sunday.  You MUST shoot targets in order and may not skip targets.

  2. SHOOTERS MUST START ON THE TARGET ASSIGNED ON YOUR SCORECARD.  You will be disqualified from the event if you change targets without prior approval from Registration.

  3. Your first target will be for SCORE.  There are no practice targets on the range.  Shoot from the stakes appropriate for your class.

    1. Orange stake – PeeWee (0-7 years old) = 15 yard max

    2. Red stake – Cub (8-11 years old) = 25 yard max

    3. Blue stake – Youth (12-14 years old) / Young Adult (15-17 years old / Traditional / BB / BBR / Amateur Women = 45 yard max

    4. White stake – All other classes = 101 yard max

  4. Speed limit is 300 fps (+3% for chronograph differences).

  5. This is a two (2) arrow per target shoot (except PeeWee, only one (1) arrow); Eleven (11) for the Orange dot, Ten (10) for the Yellow circle and Eight (8) for any foam outside of the yellow circle.  Scoring is determined by the position of the arrow shaft; an arrow shaft needs only touch the edge of the spot, scoring line or animal to gain the higher value.  In the event the edge of the spot or scoring line has become distorted or missing from arrow impacts, the scorer must visually reconstruct the natural arc of the spot of scoring ring to determine the value of the arrow in question.  The shooting group should be able to determine this; if not, a range official will.  If there is more than one scoring dot on a target then the archer must call the dot they are aiming for.  If you hit a dot you were not aiming at, it will be scored as an eight (8).

  6. The archer must be as close as possible to the shooting line plan (parallel to target), which is marked by the distance stakes.  No archer may advance to the target before all arrows in the group have been shot.

  7. Arrows which are not visible, that have passed through the animal’s scoring area, may be pushed back and scored so long as part of the arrow is still in the animal or backstop in which the animal is attached.

  8. No archer shall advance to the target and then return to the stake to shoot again unless an arrow is found to have obviously passed through the animal and the group cannot agree on the score.

  9. Glance-offs and off-ground skids or glances into the target WILL NOT count.  If witnessed, arrows striking an object over the shooting lanes may be re-shot.

  10. Any archer, who shoots arrows at the target in excess of the prescribed number (2), shall lose the arrow or arrows of the higher value.  Repeated arrows such as a test arrow or arrows for a bet shall deem the archery subject to disqualification.  Any arrow shot into two (2) separate targets, loses the arrow of higher value.  Lanes with more than one (1) target, the archer only shoots one (1) target.

  11. A shot arrow is an arrow that has been propelled by the string for any distance and MAY NOT be reshot.

  12. In order to keep the tournament flowing smoothly, maximize the shooting line by shooting multiple archers at a time.  If there are one or more open targets in front and two or more groups back up, the delaying group shall allow backed up groups to shoot through.

  13. We will be enforcing a “3 Let down, 4 Draw back” rule.  A fourth let down will be counted as a shot arrow.

  14. Tripods for spotting scopes and tripods for binoculars shall not be permitted.

  15. Both scorecards MUST be turned in EACH DAY.  Scorecards not turned in after first round will result in a score of zero.  The scorekeepers for each group need to pick up scorecards by 8:45 a.m. on Sunday.  Note:  Scorecards will be filed under the target that you started on.  On Sunday, scorecards must be turned in with both scorekeeper’s and shooter’s initials.  Anyone signing an incorrect scorecard is subject to disqualification.

  16. All shooting styles will abide by the Trail Shoot and current NFAA equipment rules.  In the event of a conflict, the Trail Shoot rules prevail.  Tournament officials will judge any equipment ruling or doubtful arrow calls.  Tournament official judgments in all disputes will be final.

  17. It is the shooter’s responsibility to verify the information listed on their scorecards.  Be sure to check your name, style and class, as posted on the scoreboard.  Check ALL of the appropriate scoreboards; Trail, NFAA and Money Shoot.  If a correction is necessary, please address it at Registration before 5:00 p.m. Saturday.  Corrections WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED after 5:00 p.m. Saturday.

  18. All arrows shot by an archer must match in arrow size, diameter and weight, as well as, fletching.

  19. Protests must be submitted in writing, along with a $50 protest fee to Registration within thirty (30) minutes following the end of the days shoot.

  20. Scorecards must be turned in on Saturday within thirty (30) minutes after the last group finishes shooting.  After the announcement Sunday afternoon to end shooting, you will have thirty (30) minutes to turn in your scores.  Scorecards turned in after that time will not be posted.

  21. In the case of equipment failure, the archer may have the needed time, as granted by a tournament official, for equipment repair or replacement and may shoot arrows required to assure that the proper sight settings are accurate, within the forty-five (45) minute time limit.  Then, in the presence of the tournament official, be allowed to shoot the targets missed.  This occurrence of repair or replacement may not happen more than once in any tournament day.

  22. No archer shall draw a bow with the bow hand above the top of the head when drawing on a horizontal plane, parallel to the ground.  This act is either referred to as “high drawing”, "skydrawing" or “sky jacking”.  Any archer drawing a bow in such a manner is subject to immediate disqualification.

  23. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages may be carried or consumed on any range during shooting hours by shooters or spectators.  Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately disqualified and escorted off the range.

  24. Please be courteous to other archers.  We know you may have to wait your turn to shoot, but please keep your conversations low while others are shooting.

  25. All rules are subject to the interpretation of the Tournament Director.



Where can I find the NFAA rules?


Can I use my hunting setup with a movable sight?


YES, you can. New for 2024 we have added the AMMBHFS - Adult Male Modern Bowhunter Freestyle class. This is a class that we formed and is not recognized by the NFAA, but is still eligible for our NFAA ring awards. Here are the rules: A moveable sight may be used without being locked down.  Magnification is NOT permitted.  Clarifiers or verifiers in the peep are not considered magnification and are permitted.  A front stabilizer or a system including quick releases, enhancers and/or weights may be used, but may not exceed twelve inches (12") in total length from the tip of the stabilizer/system to the point of attachment on the front of the riser.  A single rear stabilizer up to twelve inches (12") in length (including weights) may be used regardless of the point of attachment to the bow.


Can I shoot all targets in one day?

We structured this event to be shot over two (2) days.  The full course is seventy (70) targets with two (2) arrows being shot per target, so 140 arrows is a lot for one day.  This format also allows us to assign your shooting group and your group will start and stop on the same target.  If we allowed shooters to enter and exit whenever they wanted, there would be no structure to prevent one or two shooters continuing on after the rest of their group exited and their group would be no longer busted.  This format also allows for all shooters be on the course at the same time experiencing the same weather conditions.


What options are available for lodging nearby?

Please use these links to get more info on lodging in Wabash County.


Can I pick who I shoot with?

Yes, you may pick up to two (2) other shooters to be in your group, and then we will assign an outsider(s) to your group so that it is busted. Please be sure to email us the names and classes of the shooters you would like to be paired with. We will honor your rest to the best of our ability until registration closes on June 12th. AFTER THAT WE WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT REQUEST. We must do this so that we have time to pair all of the groups so that the morning of day one goes as smooth as possible.  Email:


Do I have to be a member of the NFAA to shoot in this event?

You only have to be an NFAA member if you choose to participate in the NFAA portion.  All shooters must shoot in the Trail Shoot, but it is the shooter’s choice to enter the NFAA or Money portions.  The NFAA portion awards championship rings to the winners and the Money portion has a money payout with all of the extra shooting fees for this option being paid back to the winning shooters.


Do Pros shoot against amateurs?

We have to options for Pro archers.  If you are a card carrying NFAA Pro, then you must shoot in your NFAA Pro Class.  If you have shot in any archery event in 2022 as a Pro archery but is not a NFAA card carrying pro, then you must shoot in the Trail Shoot Pro division.  You will have the option to enter into the money portion but you are not eligible for the NFAA portion without an NFAA Pro card.


What is the scoring?

Every target will have a sticker on them.  The orange dot is scored as an 11.  The yellow circle around the orange dot is scored as a 10.  Everything else that sticks in foam, but doesn’t contact the sticker is an 8.


What targets will we be shooting?

There is a mix of Rinehart and McKenzie targets on the course.


Can I use my range finder?

This is a known yardage event and you may use a range finder.  A yardage sheet is provided on the back of your scorecards.  The yardages for each stake will also be located on the bow hanger located at each station.  We use a tape measure to set every stake.


Can I shoot the white stake, out to 101 yards as a female without an NFAA Pro card?

Yes you can!  We added a non-NFAA card carrying Pro class this year just for that.  The cost for this class is $50 and it is your choice to add the Money shoot option for an additional $50.  All $50 stays in the pot to be paid out in your class.

Can I review the scores from the past events?

Yes you can! Here is a link to the results for the events 2018 through 2023.

2022 Awards.jpeg
NFAA Midwest Classic Trail Shoot 2020 Sc
Trail shoot pics 2019.jpg

Thank you to our great sponsors

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Daily Schedules

Saturday 22nd - DAY ONE:

  • Registration will be open from 7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m.  The earlier you show up, the better chances we will have to start on time.  Please make sure to review all of the info on your scorecard to make sure it is correct!

  • "Welcome" Meeting will be held by the practice bags at 9:20 a.m.

  • All shooters must be on their stakes by 10:00 a.m. for the shotgun start.  We will be using an air horn to signal the start.

  • All shooters will turn in scorecards within 30 minutes of exiting the range. We will post the day one results in our Facebook Group, "NFAA Midwest Classic Trail Shoot".

  • Make sure to "follow" our FB group to stay up to date with current announcements.

  • Concessions will be available on the range and near the practice bags.

  • Feel free to take photos while out on the range and tag us at #NFAAWABASH.


Sunday 23rd - DAY TWO:

  • Registration will be open from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m. to pick up your scorecards.

  • All shooters must be on their stake by 9:00 a.m. for the shotgun start.

  • 30 minutes after the last group turns in their scorecards, we will do a shoot off for all ties that are subject to awards.  If a shooter is not present for their shoot off, then they lose that position. If all shooters for that tie are not present then we will go with the first shooter to drop a point will get the lesser place.

  • We will have novelty shoots during your wait while scores are being tallied.

  • Concessions will be available on the range and near the practice bags.

  • 30 minutes after the shoot offs conclude, we will hold the awards. We will have the awards ceremony on site again this year; medals and championship rings will be available to be taken home.  Any shooters that win an award but do not stay to pick up their award, will be responsible for shipping costs to ship the award to them.  Checks for the money shoot will be mailed the following week to allow time for protest.  

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