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August 18th and 19th, 2018

50 targets, 2 arrows shot per target (except PeeWee only 1 arrow)

Speed Limit 300 FPS (+3% for chrono differences)

We have amended the format of this shoot so that shooters can choose to shoot all 50 targets in one day or shoot 25 targets on Saturday and 25 targets Sunday.

Shot gun start at 9am and 2pm each day.

Space is limited to 400 shooters and archers must preregister via Please use the link below to register.

If space allows we will sign up shooters on Saturday but only if space allows.

5 targets with 4cm orange dots at distances between 4-19yds
14 targets with 7cm orange dots at distances between 20-30yds
25 targets with 10cm orange dots at distances between 31-60yds
5 targets with 13cm orange dots at distances between 63-88yds
1 target with a 20cm orange dot at 101yds

4cm targets will have 4 targets per station, 7cm will have 2 targets per station, 10cm, 13cm and 20cm will have one target per station

Scoring 11 Orange Dot, 10 Yellow Ring, 8 Rest of the target


All groups will be busted with one outsider/ 4 shooters per group max, 3 shooters per group minimum.

We will make the groups at registration. Shooters will be able to request up to 2 shooters to shoot with them, we will add additional shooters to bust the group and to get the group to 3 or 4 shooters.

Arrows must touch the next scoring ring to get the higher score value

White Stake-all other classes 101 Yard Max

Blue Stake-youth (12-14 yrs) / Young Adult (15-17 yrs) / Trad/ Amateur Women 45 yard Max

Red Stake-cub (8-11 yrs) 25 Yard Max

Orange Stake-peewee (0-7 yrs) 15 Yard Max



Bass & Bucks 5000 West Lot 1 Millcreek Pike Wabash, IN 46992


GPS Coordinates

40.771942, -85.886573



Camping is available on site.


Primitive camping $10 per night, per tent/ RV,camper (not per person)


Electric hook up $20 per night, per tent/ RV,camper (not per person)


First come first serve. No reservations. Shower house on site 



Please call Glenn Butcher (260) 569-1853



Available on site for purchase. 


Holiday Inn Express 1311 North Cass Street, Wabash, IN 46992 (260) 569-1189

Knights Inn 1950 S Wabash St, Wabash, IN 46992 (260) 563-7455

Charley Creek Inn 111 West Market Street Wabash, IN 46992 (260) 563-0111

Other Information

For more information please call Josh Butcher at (260) 569-1853

We will be adding a target list and list of yardages soon so please check back. 

More info to come.


You will start shooting at the signal at approximately 9:00 am both days. The alarm horn will sound to begin. We have also added a 2pm shotgun start time for Saturday and Sunday.
1. Shooters can choose to shoot all 50 targets in one day or shoot 25 targets on Saturday and 25 targets Sunday.
2. YOU MUST START ON THE TARGET ASSIGNED ON YOUR SCORECARD. You will be disqualified from the event if you change targets without prior approval from Registration.
3. Your first target will be for SCORE. There is no practice target. Shoot from the stakes appropriate for your age group:
Blue- Youth, Young Adult, Trad, Amateur Women; 45 yard Max
Red- Cub; 25 Yard Max 
Orange- Peewee; 15 Yard Max
White- All other classes; 101 Yard Max
4. This is a 2 arrow shoot, scored 11-spot (Orange dot), 10-kill (Yellow ring) and 8-wound (rest of body). Scoring is determined by the position of the arrow shaft; an arrow shaft need only touch the edge of the spot, scoring line or animal to gain the higher value. In the event the edge of the spot or scoring line has become distorted or missing from arrow impacts, the scorer must visually reconstruct the natural arc of the spot or scoring ring to determine the value of the arrow in question.
5. The archer must be as close as possible to the shooting line, which is marked by the distance stakes. No archer may advance to the target before all arrows in the group have been shot.
6. Arrows which are not visible that have passed through the animal’s scoring area, may be pushed back and scored so long as part of the arrow is still in the animal or backstop in which the animal is attached.
7. No archer shall advance to the target and then return to the stake to shoot again unless an arrow is found to have obviously passed through the animal.
8. Bounce outs, glance offs and off-ground skids or glances into the target WILL NOT count. If witnessed, arrows striking an object over the shooting lanes may be re-shot.
9. Any archer who shoots arrows at the target in excess of the prescribed number (2), shall lose the arrow or arrows of the higher value. Repeated arrows such as a test arrow or arrows for a bet shall deem the archer subject to disqualification. Any arrow shot into 2 separate targets loses the arrow of higher value.
10. A shot arrow is an arrow that has been propelled by the string for any distance and MAY NOT be reshot.
11. In order to keep the tournament flowing smoothly, maximize the shooting line by shooting multiple archers at a time. If there are one or more open targets in front and two or more groups back up, the delaying group shall allow backed up groups to shoot through.
12. We will be enforcing a “3 Let Down” rule. A fourth let down will be counted as a shot arrow.
13. Tripods for spotting scopes and tripods for binoculars shall not be permitted.
14. Both sets of cards must be turned in each day. The scorekeepers for each group need to pick up scorecards by 7:45 am on Sunday. Note: they will be filed under the target that you started on. On Sunday, scorecards must be turned in with both scorekeepers and shooter initials. Anyone signing an incorrect scorecard is subject to disqualification.
15. All shooting styles will abide with the Trail Shoot and current NFAA equipment rules. In the event of a conflict, the Trail Shoot rules prevail. Tournament Officials will judge any equipment rulings or doubtful arrow calls. Their word in all disputes is final.
16. It is your responsibility to verify the information listed on your scorecards. Be sure to check your name, style and class as posted on the scoreboard. Check all of the appropriate scoreboards; Trail and Money Shoot. If a correction is necessary please address it at registration before 4:00 pm Saturday. Corrections will not be accepted after 4:00 pm Saturday.
17. All arrows shot by an archer must match in arrow size, diameter and weight as well as fletching.
18. Protests must be submitted in writing along with a $50 protest fee to registration within 30 minutes following the end of the days shoot.
19. Scorecards must be turned in on Saturday within 30 minutes after the last group finishes shooting. After the announcement Sunday afternoon to end shooting, you will have 30 minutes to turn in your scores. Scorecards turned in after that time will not be posted.
20. In the case of equipment failure, the archer may have the needed time, as granted by a tournament official, for equipment repair or replacement and may shoot arrows required to assure that the proper sight settings are accurate, within the 45 minute time limit. Then, in the presence of the tournament official, be allowed to shoot the targets missed. This occurrence of repair or replacement may not happen more than once in any tournament day.
21. No archer shall draw a bow with the bow hand above the top of the head when drawing on a horizontal plane, parallel to the ground. This act is either referred to as “high drawing” or “sky jacking”. Any archer drawing a bow in such a manner is subject to immediate disqualification.
22. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages may be carried or consumed on any range during shooting hours. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately disqualified and escorted off the range.
23. Please be courteous to other archers. We know you may have to wait your turn to shoot, but please keep your conversations low while others are shooting.
24. All rules are subject to the interpretation of the Tournament Director.