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As some of you have noticed Bass & Bucks in Wabash, IN is not listed on the Rinehart Targets R100 Schedule for 2021. It was a very hard decision for us to make. We loved hosting this event for the last 16 years and the memories made by everyone was priceless. We have several large projects scheduled for this year and our team wasn't going to have the time to put on the R100 to the level we have become used to and do these other projects. We didn’t want to do this event or any project halfway. Please go and support the other clubs who are hosting these great events in 2021. Most shooters have no idea how many hours go into preparing, setting, running, tearing down and cleaning up for these events. Our team spent more than 1,000 hours combined to host this event each year in the past. It is a massive undertaking and we enjoyed doing it for you the shooters. Who knows we might put in to host it again for 2022. We are taking the year off but great things are still happening at B&B in 2021 to make our business stronger and better for our customers. There is going to be a R100 in New Albany, IN so please go and support The Sporting Club at the Farm and Rinehart Targets.

R100 2020


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