Hoosier Muzzleloader Classic

July 24, 2021

Shoot Fee: $100

50% Payout

Registration: 8:00 am-8:30am

Range open for Practice: 8:30am-9:45am

Shooters meeting at 10am

Shoot begins at approx 10:30am

Is there camping available on site?

Yes there is. The cost is $15 per night per RV or tent with out power. The cost with power is $30. We have a shower house on site as well that is available to use. 

What options are available for lodging near by?

Please use these links to get more info on lodging in Wabash County.



For questions please contact Steve Zoda at 1(765)251-0038


Unlimited Smokeless Class

Smoker Class.  Black Powder/ BP substitute

Break Action Smokeless Class

*Must have 3 competitors to be considered a class


Smoker and break action classes
100, 200,350, 500 yards

Unlimited Smokeless class
100, 200, 350, 550, 750 yards


*Unlimited Class
NRA High Power Rifle targets at 100, 200,350,550 yards.
12" steel gongs at 750 yards

*Smoker class
NRA High Power Rifle targets at 100, 200, 350 yards
12" Steel gongs at 550 yards

*Break Action class
NRA High Power Rifle targets at 100, 200, 350 yards
12" Steel gongs at 550 yards

Scoring on Paper:

Three scoring shots on paper for each heat

2 sighter shots for all NRA targets per relay. A separate target will be provided on separate board

Scoring on Steel:

Cold bore shots....5 shots at Steel gongs

No sighters

1st shot hit:
2 pts....

2nd shot hit:
1 pt.....

3rd shot hit:
1 pt.....

4th shot hit:
1 pt......

5th shot hit:
1 pt.......

15 minute time limit per relay

If shooter shoots the wrong target...score is disqualified for that relay

Targets will be clearly marked for assigned shooter


* Bolts must remain open or removed at all times

*Break Actions remain open away from bench

*Must have witness mark on Ramrod for reference to prevent double loading

*No talking to shooters while on firing line

*No one is permitted on the firing line except for shooters and Range Master

*No electronics on firing line other than electronic hearing protection

* Range Master has full control of Firing Line

If you have questions or need clarification on the rules please us the link below. There is also a sign up on forum for this event.