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​HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

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Years ago I decided to ditch my multi-pin bow sight in favor of a single pin. Back then I simply removed all but one of the fiber optic pins inside the housing and away I went. This left just one aiming point for me to think about while drastically clearing up my sight picture. I loved the new set up.

Of course I don’t have to explain the complications that came with using a single, 'fixed position' pin. As a result, it didn’t take long until I took things one step further and added a single-pin, 'moveable' sight to my bow. That was over 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

During that time I’ve experimented with several different brands of single-pin, moveable sights. And while they were all well-made and did their job, some were just naturally better at it than others because of the materials, technology and tolerances used to build them. One such sight is the new  HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Tournament Edition sight.

The new HHA King Pin Tournament Edition sight is quality and performance at its best right out of the box.

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin At First Glance

Opening the box I found the HHA King Pin TE (tournament edition) nicely tucked inside a protective foam housing with the sight ring and main body ready for assembly. Underneath the foam sight housing I found the setup instructions and various, pre-ranged sight tapes.

The very first thing I did was grab the main housing of the sight and rotate the yardage wheel. Why? Well, it’s been my experience that if you really want to know how a moveable pin sight is going to perform then you should pay heed to how 'tight' or 'sloppy' the yardage dial feels.

I was happy to find no slop whatsoever in the King Pin’s yardage dial. None. The movements were ultra-smooth and the dial stopped on a dime. Very crisp. Which is exactly what I want out of a moveable pin sight; especially a high end model like the HHA King Pin TE. This is all due to the precision machined brass rack and pinion system that the sight is built around.

Assembly and Installation of the  HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin

Assembling and installing the King Pin was simple and easy. No complicated parts or configurations to contend with. That was good as I like things simple when it comes to my gear. And this definitely was.

It takes only minutes to assemble and mount the King Pin.

Pro Grade Features

The  King Pin TE isn’t a cheap sight. I’m not talking about just the price tag either. I mean everything from the materials used to the high end features, everything about the King Pin is top shelf. As it should be. HHA set out to make the best sight in the business and it will be hard to find a better target or bowhunting sight in my opinion.

Dovetail Extension: For 3D and target archery sure, but an extension for a bow setup? You bet! Think of it in terms of a long rifle barrel vs. a short revolver barrel. Which is easier to shoot more accurately. The same principle applies here. The further I can place the sight pin away from my eye the more accurate I will shoot. The King Pin TE offers 4”-8” of extension travel.

Interchangeable Yardage Wheel: This feature is just plain awesome. No longer will you have to worry about re-sighting your bow whenever you switch from field points to broadheads, use a heavier or lighter arrow for different game species, or simply increase or decrease draw weight. Now, thanks to the interchangeable yardage wheels shooters can sight their bow in for a variety of set ups.

For example, let’s say you have an early season pronghorn hunt followed by a mid-September elk hunt. Obviously you aren’t going to use the same arrow for both. So, before the season begins you sight in using one yardage wheel for the lightweight pronghorn arrow and another yardage wheel for the heavy duty elk arrow. That’s it. No re-sighting your bow whenever you’re set up changes.

Dual set ups are no longer an issue when it comes to sighting in your bow thanks to this simple innovation.

Sight Tape Magnifier: This feature makes it easier to see the exact yardage you have dialed in without wasting precious seconds double checking yourself. As the yardage wheel rolls the numbers pass behind a small magnifying glass attached to the main sight housing. This really makes the numbers jump out at you and it helps shave time off of the shot process. Sometimes a good shooting opportunity only presents itself for a few seconds and you don’t want to waste time straining to see if you’ve dialed the right yardage. In addition, the magnifier can also be helpful in low-light situations or inside of a dark ground blind.

No matter what the condition, the yardage on the King Pin will be easy to see.

Rheostat Adjustable Sight Housing: With 5 feet of fiber optic material the King Pin’s .019 pin lights up like it’s hooked to my truck battery. Making shots in low light a simple task. However, just like pretty much everything in life, sometimes too much of anything is too much. No problem. Simply slide the adjustable sight housing cover to either expose more fiber optic material, or less, depending on how bright or dim you want your aiming pin to be.

Adjust the brightness of your pin to perfectly suit the conditions of the tournament or the hunt.

Personally, for close range and low light shots I want as much light as possible flowing through my pin. This not only makes the pin easier to see but it appears larger too. However, when I’m shooting at long distances I want a little less light in order to make the sight pin appear smaller. This prevents the pin from covering up my desired impact point (which is naturally harder to see) and allows me to aim more accurately.

Additional Features

Rounding out the niceties on the King Pin TE are the 2.1” of vertical travel adjustment, the Blind 20 feature which allows for fast, no look return to your most common predetermined distance, a wheel forward design for one piece quiver users, an optional threaded hole for the Blue Burst light (model 2500) which illuminates sight tapes for quick adjustments in the darkest ground blinds, optional lens kit with sun shade, the industry’s most accurate sight tape system (more on this in a minute), 100% lifetime warranty, A.R.M.O.R Pin Technology, tool free windage and elevation adjustments, RDS (range, dial shoot) System and 2 nd and 3rd axis leveling.

Adjustments are simple and painless on the King Pin.

Real World Performance

So how does this sight perform? Like a King. The sight has no slop whatsoever, it is deadly silent, it’s built like a tank and it gathers more light into the end of the sight pin than anything I’ve ever seen. But, despite all of that, the one thing I was most concerned about was just how accurate the sight ranging system was.

The method for determining which sight tape to use on the King Pin is pretty simple (sometimes that scares me). Using one of the 'set up' tapes, I turned the dial until I was hitting the target spot at 20 yards; making note of the number on the tape. Then I moved back to 60 yards and turned the dial until I was hitting the target spot. Once again making note of the number on the tape. I then subtracted the two numbers and resulting number would be the number for which sight tape I would need for my set up. The sight tapes in the enclosed kit are numbered from 33 to 66. My numbers were 46 and 101 which when subtracted equaled 55.

The King Pin is built to perform under any condition.

After applying sight tape #55 I quickly headed outside to see just how accurate the HHA system was. I was not disappointed. No matter which range I threw at the King Pin it delivered. Arrow after arrow dropped right where I wanted it to. 35, 23, 57, 42 yards…it didn’t matter. The sight was dialed in and driving nails. Exactly what I wanted to see in the months leading up to opening day.

Final Thoughts

Do yourself a favor and don’t overlook this sight. It is of the utmost quality and it performs exactly the way a high-end sight should. In fact, the  King Pin may very well be the last sight you ever own. I know I will be hard pressed to find a replacement mine. In the meantime it adorns my Mathews NOCAM. Waiting to go to work on the 3D range or my next “Mountain” buck. 

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